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"Thinking" means using our psyche to feel, to learn how to gain knowledge or to have an understanding in it. Self-discovery and doing researches need thinking while both of reading and listening require thinking as well. The only difference among them is the way of thinking. Some scholars defined “thinking” from its foundation, and which is defined that “thinking is a series of activities as the brain is being stimulated”. The stimulation is mainly from the six senses, including vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, touch and the inner feeling.its relevant meaning.

During the process, one will be in the thinking status. In short, when one receives any messages, the message will be progressed individually and bring out

The human brain can be divided into two parts (left and right). The left side of the brain is called left brain which controls languages and characters; the right side of the brain is called right brain that manipulates images.

Both halves of the brain can be used for thinking, however, most children only use their left brain to think and solve problems due to the lack of right brain training.

Therefore, the hearing test through thinking questions, which is able to improve students’ independent thinking skills and lay a strong foundation to the literal questions of the left brain, is adopted in the Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic (IMA) Programme. It helps them to develop their thinking ability swiftly by using the right brain.

In addition, colourful pictures and interesting exercises enable students to bring imagination into great play.

While students always think through characters, they could not make a breakthrough in their thinking for being restricted by left brain thinking method for a long time. Starting from seven years old, students sometimes neglect to think about the answers whenever they are doing the questions. They have acquired the habit to give answers by reading specified words such as “total”, “left”, “divide” or “average” to do addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

When they reach the age of ten or above, parents just realize that their children’s thinking ability is weak. Nevertheless, it is too late.

In order to encourage students to think by using their right brain, Intelligent Mental-Arithmetic has carried out a “self-exploration” method for them. It is a method to think by dint of the images and learn by words after that.

During the process of exploration, students will be able to acquire knowledge well. In the learning of the concept, students are required to think through the pictorial form of right brain. For example, when four pencils, five apples, three books and so on are described in words, students should transfer the numbers into beads on the abacus so that they will master the skill gradually.
The result of "self-exploration" is obvious. It not only accelerates the analytical speed of students in solving the mathematical problem but also makes the questions easier at the same time.

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Education Education mental arithmetic, arithmetic school, arithmetic, brain development, intelligent, maths, abacus, brain,,

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