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Yardstick Coffee

by Yardstick Coffee
1013 views @ 01-Nov-2017

The Y.A.R.D. exists to raise the quality and provide standards for the Philippine coffee industry and the local coffee culture.

Yardstick is a coffee company at heart. We just want to focus on one thing - coffee. Some call it obsession, some say it's passion. We take small steps; but at times, we take that leap. It is never about us; it will always be about the coffee and the relationships we make along our journey.

We offer a quality selection of espresso and filter coffees sourced from equally-passionate partners. If you run a cafe or a restaurant, we work collaboratively to develop and tailor your coffee program to your concept and customers' preferences. Tastings can be arranged upon request.

Choosing the right coffee machine is critical for any coffee-focused operation. It's a crucial piece to the puzzle that elevates the quality of coffee you serve and your operational demands.

As restaurant and cafe operators, we want you to focus on your main operations. As commitment to the quality of our machines and to you, we provide technical support and service contracts for all our machines and equipment.

The Y.A.R.D. focuses on specialty coffee and offers courses and workshops for industry professionals and home coffee enthusiasts. We also offer certification courses under the Specialty Coffee Association.

Strategically located in the CBD to be accessible to partner cafes and restaurants, The Yardstick HQ acts as the main distribution center for our coffee, machines and equipment. It also houses The Y.A.R.D. for training workshops and the Concept Coffee Bar for those who want to taste our coffee and see the machines in action.

The space was designed to house a coffee company where employees, students and patrons interact cohesively within one environment. It pushes the boundaries in retail execution with the first modular coffee bar setup in the Philippines. This keeps everything transparent yet functional and accessible.

The space is open and inviting through the minimalist elements that fill the space with subtle color accents and the natural light the pours through the facade. The space also allows for different levels of social interaction with the varying seating arrangements. We basically re-designed the coffee retail experience and turned it into something more human.

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