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Analytical Support Services for Environmental Technologies, Incorporated

by Analytical Support Services for Environmental Technologies, Incorporated
1130 views @ 02-Nov-2017

(ASSET Laboratories) is a solutions provider specializing in environmental laboratory operations.

We are an environmental industry outsource hub located in the Philippines, one of the world's top offshore destinations. We are a group of analytical chemists and operations support group that has been in the environmental testing industry for the past 25 years.

We were formed to support partner laboratories in Nevada and California with their administrative needs. From the basic administrative functions, our company support expanded to the technical aspects of operations, including project management, data validation, and data review.

Anchored by our experience in laboratory operations and current support services operations, we are helping the operations of our partner laboratories by utilizing the time difference between locations. Additionally, having equivalent manpower available when needed reduces the strain when they need to meet critically important projects turnaround times or holding times, when samples need to be analyzed on a holiday, or when there are vacation/sick leave days for employees.

To be the leader in outsourced analytical support services and IT solutions, known for its excellence, people and relationships.

Provide excellent support services that are strategically molded based on customer requirements while maintaining globally accepted standards of quality and performance.

Core Values
Accountability - We assume responsibility for our actions, results, and decisions.
Safety - We take responsibility for each other’s safety, and the protection of our assets.
Sustainability - We strive to minimize our impact on the environment.
Ethics - Our actions are consistent with our words. We have ZERO tolerance on fraud.
Technology - We use technology as a tool for improving business processes.
Local - We integrate local regulations while upholding global standards.
Accuracy - We integrate our knowledge, experience, and ingenuity to provide exactly what our client needs.
Balance - We maintain a climate of trust and openness with our clients, our vendors and each other.
Service - We are responsive to our client’s needs, constantly aiming to excel.

Technical Services

With our team of proficient specialists, we can support any facet within and related to environmental laboratory operations. Let us know your requirements and we will form a team for you.

Sample Control
From COC login to emailing checklists, we can help your operations remotely by doing login verifications with client, and client notifications.

Having us do remote coordination with your analysts when RUSH samples have been logged in, or when short hold samples have arrived would also mean seamless operations for you.
Project Management
We can support your operations by providing trained project managers to review logins, keep track of projects’ arrival and due dates. We can also review final packages to make sure it has all the required test specified by clients.

Have us create entries in your accounting software for sales entry or invoicing, we can also email invoices, track project costs and coordinate payments for you.

Data Review
We can create, collate, and then peer review data packages (Level 2 - 4) to make sure that it meets method specific QA/QC requirements and all client specific requirements.

We understand the importance of giving properly inspected and documented data. We can provide the extra eye you need to spot any inconsistencies in the package.

Quality Control / Assurance
We can help evaluate your data packages’ compliance to the project data quality objectives. From its completeness, to the laboratory performance, let us be your offshore QA team.

We can monitor QA targets, coordinate with your QA team on schedules and remind them of deadlines. From control chart monitoring, LOD/PQL verifications, to SOP revisions, we can cater to your requirements.

Sales Support Services
Let our extensive experience in lead generation help you build more pipelines, facilitate client contact, and help you sort through different bid opportunities.

Lead Generation
We have experienced researchers that can build directory lists of your target market. We can sort through various opportunities so we can provide you with the prospects. We know the importance of quality leads, so we make sure that the efforts are focused on strategic targets with opt-in and opt-out options.

Client Contact
We can provide the extra manpower you need to be able to maintain client relationships. Let us help you create and implement campaigns to help you stay connected with your clients. We can help you create a measureable program, from the design, layout, and execution.
CRM Integration
We can seamlessly integrate all the sales efforts provided through a third party Client Relations Management (CRM) software. This way, updates can be seen real time, and reports can be tailored depending on your focus and metrics.

I.T. Support
We offer a comprehensive suite of IT services, our capabilities cover hardware, software and infrastructure management. We can provide customized solutions to fit your business.

Technical Support
Dedicated remote support group will be available for troubleshooting and assistance. Incidents will be resolved in a timely and effective manner. We can monitor your infrastructure and make sure that they are optimized according to your requirements. Let us be your offshore support group.
Web Development
Let our web developers assist you in building your website specifications. We can help you with the design, concept, application, and total user experience. Our developers can provide responsive design such that your site can be viewed in various browsers and mobile devices. We can help you create the website catered to what your customers need.
Software Development
Our programmers have the skills and experience to translate any idea to a seamless program. Let us know what you want done and we will tailor it, then validate it for you. Our team can develop across multiple platforms and can integrate various business processes for automation. Let us help you streamline your operations through technology.

Analytical Support
We have a full-service environmental analytical laboratory that can cater to your various environmental analytical needs. Including analyses of organic, inorganic, and metals in water, air, soil, sediment, or wastes. Our company’s focal points are integrity, service and excellence, and we have made it an important part of our culture. We understand the importance of fast, accurate, and reliable data.

We have over 50 years of combined experience in the environmental testing industry. We strictly adhere to the guidelines set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the American Public Health Association (APHA), and of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).    

We have always believed in building strong partnerships. With our network laboratories in the Philippines and the US, and our partner laboratories in Asia and North America, we are sure we can provide your requirements. Let us know the package you need and we will build the best team and costs for you. Let us be the solution to your environmental testing needs.

Analytical Support for:
- Hazardous Waste Characterization
- Environmental Site Assessment
- Environmental Impact Studies
- Water Quality Compliance
- Groundwater Monitoring
- Industrial Hygiene
- Drinking Water
- Air Monitoring
- Wastewater
- Indoor Air
- Landfill

Our Advantages:
- Fully integrated Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS).
- Cuztomizable Electronic Deliverable Format.
- Level II to IV Data Package Capabilities.
- Instrument Redundancy
- In-house programmers that can integrate your system with our LIMS.

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