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Address :
Jalan Causeway, Semporna, 91307 Pulau Sipadan, Sabah

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Tel +6089-781 918

This little atoll, which takes about an hour to walk around, is often a shelter for both Green and Hawksbill marine turtles that during the night return to the beach to nest. During your vacation, if you are lucky, you might witness the hatching of the eggs and release of baby turtles to the sea.

The Malaysian climate is tropical with yearly temperatures between 25 and 33 degrees Celsius. Climate at Pom Pom is usually sunny with sea breezes. We occasionally get some rain during the south-west monsoon from June to August and north-east monsoon from October to December. Lately the climate has changed and therefore we can’t exactly predict much. The climate in an island is usually warm and windy.

Travel Seasons
Southeast Asia has four different seasons; the Northeast monsoon from November to March has steady winds from the north or northeast. These winds bring typhoons and other severe weather to some areas. The East coasts of Southeast Asia get heavy rains while the West coasts are usually dry and comfortable.

The Southeast monsoon is from May to September, bringing a steady flow of gentler winds and drier weather to the South while the North West experiences rains and overcast weather. There are also two inter-monsoon seasons when the winds are usually light.

The official language is Bahasa Malayu, but English is widely used. On Pom Pom, besides English we have staffs who speak Italian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin. Besides world-renowned natural beauty, one of the most interesting characteristics of this Country is the balance between the different religions and ethnic groups living in harmony. (Different religions include Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism).

The official currency is the Malaysian ringgit (Rgt) that can be exchanged without difficulties at either Malaysian airports or Malaysian Banks.

Malaysia’s timezone is GMT +8 / UTC +8

The Pom Pom Heart
Inspired by the coral formation of White Xenia, the heart of our resort is awe inspiring, stupendous creation of timber consisting of 28 trunks of Belian trees, this vast hexagonal space is divided into areas for the restaurant, bar and saloon with ample space for up to 200 people.

We provide traditional Asian (Malay and Chinese) and European food which is served in set meals. At lunch and dinner you can enjoy fresh tasty local fish dishes, a variety of meat and vegetable dishes, fresh breads and rice plus fresh fruits and sweets including cakes and local delicacies. For breakfast our chef provides a range of Asia and European foods including eggs, pancakes and fresh fruits.
- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Desserts & freshly baked bread
- Vegetarian – *charges apply
- Celiac – advance notice for arrangements

Our bar offers a wide choice of beverages ranging from freshly brewed Italian Coffee, Cappuccino, Wines, Beers, Spirits, Cocktails and Soft drinks.

Relaxation area where you can sit for a drink, read a book or chat with friends.

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