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Communications that drives your business
All communications must drive your business, whether it is traditional advertising, branding, digital ads, social media, a logo or a corporate profile. We are a brand consultancy that provides ‘hand-made’ customized solutions to your marketing challenges. We tell a great story for your brand to roar so your business gets the results.

Integration is the secret ingredient
No one medium rules it all. To get your brand story out there, you need to have the right combination and deployment of media. It's not just digital or just traditional. You need integration. We know what works. We can help you get the optimum combination to get the best results. We take care of the communications so you can focus on your business.

Here is what we do:
Brand and Market Strategy
Name it! If you are starting a brand, we can help you name it. Write a roaring story for it. Create a nice logo for you from the get go. We won’t bore you with big terms and lingo here. Suffice to say, we have a process we use for SMEs and multinational brands alike.

Promote it!Of course, you already have a name. Sure, you already have a logo. You can’t just name it and slap a logo on it. A great brand needs its fans! You need to promote it. We are equally deft in promoting your brand in an integrated manner to the people you want to sell it to. Your brand’s fans need to know it, want it, love it!

Brand Development & Positioning:
• Brand Development
• Brand Positioning, Identity, Naming Convention, Brand Architecture
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Differentiation
• Brand Messaging Development

Integrated Marketing
Look Good! We just create beautiful logos. We give you the full solution on how your brand should look like in other mediums as well. If you are an SME, we will make your corporate identity look like a multinational. If you are a multinational, we will make you look better than your competitors!

Feel Good! A good corporate identity doesn’t just look good, but make you, your stakeholders and more importantly, your consumers feel good. Looking good and feeling good starts here. Why wait? Give us a call now!

Corporate Identity Development:
• Corporate Profile
• Brand Identity Creation – Corporate Identity Development
• Logos and Naming
• Corporate Identity Guidelines
• Social media, website, stationery design and adherence to brand guidelines

Marketing Communications and Advertising
Stories that sell! We do advertising in all forms of shapes and sizes that tells your brand story the best. From digital to traditional advertising. Yes, traditional advertising like press and print. Yes, they still work. Traditional advertising isn’t dead. What’s dying is the art to use it optimally. We are guardians of that art. We will help your brand find the way.

Integrated Advertising:
• Audience assessment
• Communications Plan development
• Creative Execution
• Creating consistent message across both traditional and online media channels
• Selection of the appropriate channels to meet brand and marketing objectives

Digital Marketing
Let’s Get Digital! You already know you need to get on the digital platform. You may even have started but aren’t seeing great results yet. We are here to help from plan, develop and execute it. Our team of digital natives is ready to help you jump into the digital world. We do the planning and execution so that you can focus on your business.

To YouTube, Facebook and beyond! The digital arena is more than a website, a Facebook or a YouTube. Like everything, communications integration is best. We have the secret sauce of how to integrate the various digital platforms to get you the best results.

Digital Marketing:
• Content Strategy, Creation and Management
• Social Media Strategy and Management
• Influencer Marketing and Forum Engagement
• Digital Assessment & Strategy
• Search Marketing
• Behavioral & Contextual Targeting
• Digital/Social Contests and Promotions
• Website Design and Development

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