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Welcome to the official website of PAGC Philippines Incorporated!

If it's car armoring you are looking for... look no further! PAGC Philippines Inc. is the answer to your quandaries. PAGC Philippines (formerly known as Pacific Armoring and Glass Corporation) is a highly dependable vehicle bulletproofing company in the Philippines.

We, at PAGC, specialize in state-of-the-art armoring methods that ensure to deliver your safety needs while you travel. Since 2005, many satisfied customers have been given the peace of mind and safety assurance they were looking for as they ride in their armored vehicles proudly produced by PAGC Philippines.

Here at PAGC, we build our armoring under the same strict standards for government, principals, or private users. No shortcuts... no substandard materials or procedures... only high quality materials and workmanship from start to finish! Regardless of what level of protection you might necessitate, our manufacturing methods ensure quality and satisfaction where it really matters most.

Not only with quality, PAGC also ensures to maintain the luxurious feel in each of its client's automobile. We believe that in order to achieve utmost safety assurance, one must not necessarily compromise with looks, comfort, and luxury. This is why at PAGC, details are treated with high regard. Therefore, aside from the high quality security products we only choose to use, our highly skilled and competitive professionals trained in the armoring and safety fields promise to provide excellent workmanship as well.

So if your family's safety is a concern, and you're faced with a dilemma, look no further... PAGC will excellently provide it for you!

We warmly invite you to talk to us. Let us know of your needs and PAGC will present you with the right solution for you and your family's security.

Base Armoring Specifications
Transparent Armor (Glass Area):
- Curved bullet-resistant transparent armor multi-layer glass and polycarbonate inner layer to prevent spalling upon ballistic impact.

- Doors, pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, firewall, headers, cargo area, rear wheel arches, and rear cargo doors have been armored with Ballistic Composite material or Ballistic Steel in accordance with defined standard of defeat. Elitus® overlap system around each window has been used throughout the vehicle to ensure complete protection.

Operable Driver Window:
- Driver side window operable to about 6 inches.

Vehicle Structured Modifications:
- Reinforcement of pillar posts and hinges. High pressure heavy duty shocks and suspension upgrades, as needed, to maintain original appearance and maneuverability.

- Original replaced with an Optima® bullet-resistant battery.

- Armor overlap on all doors to prevent penetration through door posts and pillars.

Fuel Tank:
- Wrapped in ballistic fragmentation blanket (armored fuel tank). The high-tech upgrade of the fuel tank prevents the fuel from exploding when projectiles hit the fuel tank.

ECM Protection:
- Electronic Control Module (ECM) enclosed in ballistic case.

- Original OEM interior panels and trim are resized or modified and reinstalled wherever possible to retain, as close as possible, the original overall interior appearance.

Optional Features

- Armored with Ballistic Composite material in accordance with the appropriate standard Level 3 protection.

- Floor areas are armored with multi-ply rigid Ballistic Fragmentation Material molded to form fit contours of floorboards and panels which afford protection against anti personnel grenades detonated underneath or next to vehicle.

Run Flat Tire System:
- Ballistic rubberized plastic ring installed on each tire around the rim, enabling vehicle to travel up to 60 miles at 60mph (depending on road condition) on flattened tires.

Other Accessories:
- Other optional accessories are available upon request.

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