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Nusa, short for Nusantara, means The Archipelago. The homeland of Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands and 300 ethnic groups. With the immense landscape, the country reflects its diversity through its resources, cultures, and gastronomy.

Officially opened during the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day on August 17, 2016, NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy’s noble mission is to use the best Indonesian harvests, to cultivate them using authentic cooking processes, and to display them in an artfully original way without leaving their real tastes and genuine characteristics.

Chef Ragil and food go a long way back. His dream was always to become a chef and it all began at the age of five years old when he started mixing spices in his mother’s kitchen.

Chef Ragil is interested in preserving Indonesian culinary heritage, specifically in using local ingredients and authentic recipes. Combining traditional cooking methods with modern presentations, Chef Ragil would like to uncover notable Indonesian cuisine in a different perspective.

When creating the concept of NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy, Chef Ragil’s main purpose is to focus on Indonesian indigenous ingredients, supporting local farmers and celebrating the rich flavors of spices when incorporated in a dish. The purpose is to have food lovers enjoy not only the complex taste of Indonesian gastronomy, but to also appreciate the roots of Indonesian culture.

NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy consistently uses local Indonesian ingredients that were managed and produced by local farmers. These ingredients are only produced in particular areas and have obtained Indications Geographical (IG) Certificate marked upon them to include where the goods were produced.

Giving a divine variety for your indulgence, NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy holds true to its purpose, reflecting the country’s diversity through high quality ingredients and divine selections of the archipelago’s authentic dishes on a plate of mesmerizing state-of-the-art presentations. Representing the best quality produce and a dynamic menu, NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy ensures you with a different experience at every visit.


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