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98008 Miri, Sarawak

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To qualify for world heritage status a park must meet one of the four following criteria:
- Be an outstanding example of the world’s geological history.
- Be an outstanding representative example of on-going evolutionary processes.
- Be of exceptional natural beauty.
- Contain significant natural habitat for in-situ conservation of biological diversity and the protection of threatened species.

Earth’s history and geological features
Mulu’s concentration of caves, its geomorphic and structural characteristics are an outstanding resource, which allows a greater understanding of Earth’s history.

Ecological Processes
Mulu provides outstanding scientific opportunities to study theories on the origins of cave faunas.

Superlative natural phenomena or natural beauty and aesthetic importance
Mulu has outstanding scenic values, including the natural phenomenon of millions of bats and swiftlets leaving and entering the caves is a superlative wildlife spectacle.

Biodiversity and threatened species
Mulu provides significant natural habitat for a wide range of plant and animal diversity both above and below ground.

World Heritage status has created renewed interest in the park and a genuine desire of the government and people of Malaysia to ensure it is adequately protected. Accordingly, the Sarawak Government has committed to developing world leading conservation practices and high quality nature-based tourism activities at Mulu and has committed considerable resources to ensure its goals are achieved.

Lun Bawang, Murut and Iban to the north, Kelabit in the south east, Berawan and Penan to the south and some nomadic Penan within the boundaries of the park; all have lived in this rainforest for millennia.These Orang Ulu or ‘up river’ people are a diverse group of many cultures share a remarkable understanding of the rainforest which they have used for generations for their food, medicines, tool making and building shelters.

Rivers are not only the lifeblood of the rainforest and the caves but also for the people of Mulu.  Longhouse life centres around the Melinau and Tutoh Rivers for transport, washing, food, play and for simply watching the world go by.  Travelling along the Melinau to Wind and Clearwater Caves gives visitors great insight into the everyday activities of these communities.

You can stop by at the Batu Bungan handicraft market on your way up-river to visit the Cave of the Winds and Clearwater Cave or you arrange a boat to take you downstream to the larger Tutoh River and visit the Penan community of Long Iman to learn about how medicinal plants are used even today. They too have a handicraft market or you can arrange for one of the local people to take you on a forest walk to the beautiful Long Iman waterfall.

Tours & Activities
- Deer & Lang Caves
- Clearwater Cave & Cave Of The Winds
- Fastlane
- Night Walk
- Canopy
- Lagang Cave
- Racer Cave
- Clearwater Revival
- Garden Of Eden Valley Walk
- Clearwater Connection
- Sarawak Chamber overnight at Camp 1
- Pinnacles
- Overnight At Camp 1
- The Summit
- Bat Exodus
- Long Iman Ba’Desai Waterfall
- Long Langsat Riverwalk
- Tree Top Tower
- Paku Waterfall
- Mulu Botanical Heritage Trail
- Paku Valley Loop Or Kenyalang Loop

Accommodation & Facilities
- Cafe
- Gallery
- Discovery Centre
- Wifi
- Photos
- Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa

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