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The DB&B Group specialises in commercial interior projects. Since 1996, our team has grown from 20 people into a diverse team with unique experiences and international exposure. We are present in Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Manila. In 2016, we entered the World’s Top 100 Giants by Interior Design Magazine at number 11.

DB&B offers personalised, professional and performance-driven interiors solution to clients. Understanding and delivering specific project requirements command passion, dedication and solid experience. With our client’s satisfaction as the ultimate goal, we constantly seek new ways to achieve higher standards in the industry.

DB&B’s diverse clientele, comprising the corporate sector, is testament to our ability to respond to the evolving nature of the architectural landscape. We retain the resounding trademark of precise craftsmanship, without forgetting the need for a distinctive corporate image whilst contributing to overall productivity.

From design conceptualization to space planning, DB&B’s comprehensive project management services encompass even minute details like lighting and customized system furniture in every aspect.

As clients, you can count on us to deliver a complete design and project management package. Translating your unique needs accurately into a space plan, we will carry through your idea from inception to the eventual use.

Pre-lease Services
Searching for an ideal and conducive office space can prove to be quite a complex and tedious task. At DB&B, we provide comprehensive pre-lease services to aid in your consideration and decision-making. DB&B offers valuable tools such as establishing actual space requirement and building analysis to aid in your selection. With our suite of tools and services, you can select the ideal work space that meets your business objective in the long run.

Interior Design & Planning
At DB&B, we arm ourselves with a good understanding of all the factors imperative for a successful business environment. We make sure that our design concepts articulate your business objectives, processes, culture, brand positioning and future business plans. It is our goal to help all our Clients develop a highly innovative, ergonomic environment that optimizes work performance and meets every functional and budgetary concern.

DB&B also possesses the knowledge in sustainable design that is inline with LEED and the BCA Green Mark requirements.

Procurement & Construction
Among our wide range of services, DB&B also designs mechanical and electrical systems that are compatible with base building provisions to meet Client’s operating requirements and safety standards for the workplace environment.

With a thorough understanding of your needs for lighting, power, air-conditioning and fire services, we ensure optimal distribution and performance throughout your office.

Engineering Services On Buildings
As Clients, you can count on our thorough and competent project management team to oversee the entire setup – from pre-construction to the final handover. The project managers will keep you informed of the progress, saving you the hassle of inspecting the site daily.

Migration Management
Our services to Clients do not cease upon completion of construction. As part of our end-to-end services, we assist in overseeing the migration of your office equipment to ensure a smooth and flawless transition to your new work space. Our team will expedite effective migration management to avoid long periods of down time which may incur adverse results on your business operations.

Workplace Safety & Health
At DB&B, we adopt stringent occupational health and safety practices to ensure work is carried out in an injury- and illness-free environment. We operate an in-house drawn occupational health and safety management system that includes providing accurate information about the health and safety aspects of our operations and maintain the practice of continual improvement. We also inform our panel of suppliers on the expectations and require them to adopt sound occupational health and safety management practices in line with ours.

Green Design & Sustainability
In 2008, the DB&B Group established a Green Policy containing medium to long-term environment and sustainability strategies. The objective was to attain a high level of “sustainable quality” in our services and corporate activities throughout the Group. Our delivery is a holistic, well balanced approach to space planning, design development and construction with all levels of staff committed to the practice of this green policy. We have successfully helped key clients achieve their desired sustainability certifications and continue to do so.

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