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We believe that children are unique individuals who deserve to reach their potential. Our purposeful multi-literacies curriculum approach enhances children’s holistic growth, allows children to experience personal success and develop a joy for learning.

With specialist care and expertise, and in purposeful partnership with parents, our carefully selected and trained staff seek to nurture and educate your child with a comprehensive foundation in early childhood development, equipping them with critical 21st century skills which in turn contribute towards joy for lifelong learning.

Preschool Curriculum
Developed and reviewed regularly by a team of early childhood specialists, the Cherie Hearts curriculum gives children autonomy to inquire holistically while growing and learning with us in their preschool years.

Infant Care Curriculum
Every day offers new chances for discovering new and wonderful experiences for the precious baby and curious toddler. Created for these little ones, My First Journey is a Cherie Hearts curriculum which provides infants and toddlers with a range of activities that stimulate development in the various learning domains (Language & Communication, Emotional, Social, Cognitive and Physical). My First Journey provides our infants and toddlers the impetus for a collection of first experiences in a stable environment cared for by loving and attentive staff –  be it standing up for the very first time or uttering the very first word. Every day is a day to celebrate our little ones!

Playgroup & Pre-Nursery Curriculum
Using a variety of enjoyable learning experiences, the Jump Start Years curriculum introduces our children to stimulating development in the following domains:

- Aesthetic & Affective: Children learn how to express their creativity  and communicate their emotions through effective and meaningful ways.
- Cognitive: Children develop their thinking ability. They can better recall, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate and create from information.
- Fine Motor Skills: Children are familiar with hand-eye coordination of smaller muscle movements such as synchronised use of their eyes, hands and fingers simultaneously.
- Gross Motor Skills: Children learn how to better utilise larger muscles, facilitating their ability to perform a wide range of physical body actions such as crawling, skipping, running, hopping, and jumping.
- Language Acquisition: Children gain abilities to observe, understand and communicate with both educators and peers in a variety of contexts, using 50-300 words to produce speech that can be as much as 70% intelligible.

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